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Online Directory

 Each year our district compiles and prints a District Directory.  It contains lots of historical and current data which makes it a great resource for District Officers and Club Officers.
All district officers are identified and their addresses and contact information given.  The same for each club in our district.  Note that the most up to date addresses and contact information will be in the DaCDb database, available on our district's home page - upper right menu tab.

By making an online directory, the data can continually be updated and kept current, making the Online Directory a most useful resource to refer to when needed.

A problem with having an online directory is security.  While we want to make this information easily available to our local district's Rotarians, we will use password access to keep the general public out.

 If you have already registered as a user on our new website, 
please log on for access to our online directory.

If you have not registered, please apply here. and click on "Register Now!" The first time you register, you will receive a message, "Insufficient security for access". The webmaster will receive an email and will raise your security level so that you will be able to access the online directory any time you need. You will then receive an email from the webmaster verifying your access.