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Welcome, Rotary District 6060 Club Officers, to your own area of our website. We hope to provide all the information you need to complete your assigned duties for your club. If you need answers you do NOT find here, please email your Assistant Governor for assistance.


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 District Dues

All clubs will pay District 6060 for district dues annually and are due in July. The dues structure is $25 per member plus $220 for Show Me Rotary per club. Checks are to be payable to Rotary District 6060 then mail your check to the District Treasurer as indicated on the statement..


 Induction Ceremony
for New Members

We have two examples available here. You are welcome to download them and modify them to work best with your club's format.  There are many similarities between these two.  They are available in MS Word format and also in Adobe Acrobat  (pdf) format.

Induction Ceremony Example #1 (MS Word)

   Example #1

Induction Ceremony Example #2 (MS Word)

  Example #2

Also, here is a PowerPoint Presentation your club might adapt to use in "indoctrinating" your new members or prospective members.
 Rotary Educational PowerPoint


 Next Year's Officers

Your club should elect your incoming officers for the coming Rotary year before December 31 of the current year.  Each club secretary should receive a 2 or 3 part form from Rotary International by mail in the fall. This is to be filled out and  returned to Rotary International after the club elections in December but no later than January 31.  

Our district has now subscribed to a new database that allows each of our clubs to do virtually of their record keeping on this one database. It automatically uploads changes to the Rotary International website, so it is "one stop shopping." You can go to the database by clicking here.




 Paul Harris Fellow
Presentation Ceremony

Here are two variations of ceremonies to use when presenting Paul Harris Fellowships. These are slight adaptations of the information sent with a new Paul Harris certificate and medallion.

One is for use when the new Paul Harris Fellow is the donor. The other is for use when the Paul Harris Fellow is NOT the donor.  They are each availabe in MS WORD and Adobe Acrobat PDF formats.

PHF is donor  (MS WORD)    (PDF)

PHF is not donor  (MS WORD)  (PDF



 Semi-Annual Report

The SAR usually arrives in July and January The dues are based on all the members on your club's roster, according to Rotary International records. The June report is due by July 31 and the December report is due by January 31. Extra subscriptions to The Rotarian can be added on for school libraries or others you wish to share "The Rotarian"